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Commonly used sequence and collection algorithms for Swift

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Swift Algorithms

Swift Algorithms is an open-source package of sequence and collection algorithms, along with their related types.

Read more about the package, and the intent behind it, in the announcement on swift.org.


Combinations / permutations

Mutating algorithms

Combining collections

  • chain(_:_:): Concatenates two collections with the same element type.
  • cycled(), cycled(times:): Repeats the elements of a collection forever or a set number of times.
  • joined(by:): Concatenate sequences of sequences, using an element or sequence as a separator, or using a closure to generate each separator.
  • product(_:_:): Iterates over all the pairs of two collections; equivalent to nested for-in loops.

Subsetting operations

Partial sorting

Other useful operations

Adding Swift Algorithms as a Dependency

To use the Algorithms library in a SwiftPM project, add the following line to the dependencies in your Package.swift file:

.package(url: "https://github.com/apple/swift-algorithms", from: "1.0.0"),

Include "Algorithms" as a dependency for your executable target:

.target(name: "<target>", dependencies: [
    .product(name: "Algorithms", package: "swift-algorithms"),

Finally, add import Algorithms to your source code.

Source Stability

The Swift Algorithms package is source stable; version numbers follow Semantic Versioning. Source breaking changes to public API can only land in a new major version.

The public API of version 1.0 of the swift-algorithms package consists of non-underscored declarations that are marked public in the Algorithms module. Interfaces that aren't part of the public API may continue to change in any release, including patch releases.

Future minor versions of the package may introduce changes to these rules as needed.

We'd like this package to quickly embrace Swift language and toolchain improvements that are relevant to its mandate. Accordingly, from time to time, we expect that new versions of this package will require clients to upgrade to a more recent Swift toolchain release. Requiring a new Swift release will only require a minor version bump.

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