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Techniques you can use to prepare, implement, and work with SVGs on the web.

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SVG on the web

Techniques you can use to prepare, implement, and work with SVGs on the web.

There are many in-depth articles out there on specific SVG things, but I wanted to create a place which has an overview with key information for anyone to use as a reference. All the content is open source and free for you to do whatever you want with.


Contributions are more than welcome. To add / change / update anything, please either create an issue or fork and DIY.

I’ve added a simple gulp setup so you can run the page locally and update styles etc.

  1. In Terminal cd into the directory
  2. Run npm install -g gulp to get gulp setup globally (this might need sudo)
  3. Run npm install to get the dependencies running

Once that is done you can start the server with gulp and stop it with ctrl + c.

The page will run at http://localhost:1234/

The page uses Sass which compiles to CSS. Make changes in the Sass folder and the page will reload automagically with the changes. The Base folder contains site wide base styles and the Modules folder has some page styles. It is built with Sassline.


If you would like to translate the page, please fork the repo and duplicate the zz-ZZ folder. This has the latest content without the spans used to style some OpenType features so it should be a little easier to work from.

Thank you janily for the Chinese translation, meritt for the Russian translation, and sujinleeme for the Korean translation.

Love, Jake

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