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?‍♂️ Surf GitHub code with VS Code. (with CLI, chrome extensions, also works for Gitlab)

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?‍♂️ surf.

?‍♂️ Surf your repository like a pro

❗️ This repo is forked from Github1s. If you are looking for, please visit here. Please note that most of the code / work is done by conwnet and github1s contributors (more details below), and we are happy to use the original implementations to modify with more customizations.

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TL;DR Jump to demo

  • ✅ Github support - Surf GitHub repository on browser with vscode environment
  • ✅ Gist support - Surf Gist repository on browser with vscode environment (DEMO)
  • Official Chrome extension - Launch surf with extension button
  • ✅ Official CLI - surf . command for opening surf on terminal
  • ✅ Gitlab support (
  • Bitbucket support (under development) (
  • for private, custom scm (enhance)
  • Remote compile & terminal support in browser (comming soon)

Chrome extension

Download our official chrome here (It's currently under review)

surf chrome extension

Building and installing chrome extension on your own

This also works for the GIST too

gist surf

?‍♂️ surf CLI

Like vscode's code ., we support our command surf

# === install the cli ===
npm -g install
		# or with yarn
		yarn global add

# and surf ? !
surf .

You can use this as your sub editor, which can be useful when you're exploring your master/main repository when you are at your own branch on your local machine

# different branch
surf -b <branch-name>

Learn more at surf-cli


For unlimited usage, you must provide github token in key icon tab

You can generate new token for on here

provide oauth token for unlimited usage on


Max requests per hour

  • github - 60 requests per hour if no token provided (5000 when provided)
  • gitlab - 5 requests per minute
  • bitbucket - 60 requests per hour

Learn more about providing a token for unlimited usage

Github Enterprise usage

You have to modify api.ts and deploy as-your-own via Deploy on vercel button on the top of this document. shall point to

Supported languages / frameworks extensions (themes)

As listed here and surf-code-extensions here, we support below extensions in-the-box

  • Vue
  • JS/TS/JSX/TSX (React, Svelte, and other js based frameworks)
  • Dart & Flutter
  • Elm
  • Kotlin
  • Scala
  • Ocaml
  • Vetur
  • Jupyter Notebook - deepmind/deepmind-research demo
  • Material theme

What's Next?

  • PWA Support
  • Enterprise account support (github enterprise)
  • Custom extensions support
  • Mobile screen support
  • Remote cli & build support
  • More powerful Private repository experience

Remote compile / App preview (for ui applications) & CLI Capabilities.

For repositories containing project such like flutter, react and other main ui frameworks we are planning to suport live-compile-preview feature of the application. The main issue with this will be the pricing and performance limitation, since we are going to keep this project free / fast for everyone.

The technology behind this is under development in appbox and console. You can see the remote-compile demo on assistant


Join the community

Learn more about contribution at


This project is inspired from cdr/code-server and conwnet/github1s. The base code was forked from github1s (MIT License at the point of fork), which we are replacing it with our own implementations and approaches.

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Blogs / Translations

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