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SuperLearner guide: fitting models, ensembling, prediction, hyperparameters, parallelization, timing, feature selection, etc.

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SuperLearner Guide

A guide to using SuperLearner for prediction. This is now included as a vignette in the SuperLearner package.

Note: this tutorial is a bit out of date; some supplemental methods are now in my ck37r package.

SuperLearner Intro

  • Installing
  • Background
  • Create dataset
  • Review available models
  • Fit single models
  • Fit ensemble
  • Predict on new dataset
  • Customize a model setting
  • External cross-validation
  • Test multiple hyperparameter settings
  • Parallelize across CPUs
  • Distribution of ensemble weights
  • Feature selection (screening)
  • Optimize for AUC
  • XGBoost hyperparameter exploration


(To be created)

  • create.Learner() custom environments
  • SL.caret wrapper
  • Custom learner wrapper
  • Custom screener
  • Library analysis - cumulative
  • Library analysis - individual algorithms
  • Recombine SuperLearner


(To be created)

  • Parallelize across computers (SLURM)
  • Repeated cross-validation
  • Data-adaptive V-selection for cross-validation
  • Multi-level meta-learning



Campus Groups:

Courses at Berkeley:

  • Stat 154 - Statistical Learning
  • CS 189 / CS 289A - Machine Learning
  • PH 252D - Causal Inference
  • PH 295 - Big Data
  • PH 295 - Targeted Learning for Biomedical Big Data
  • INFO - TBD

Also many Coursera offerings and other online classes.


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Polley EC, van der Laan MJ (2010) Super Learner in Prediction. U.C. Berkeley Division of Biostatistics Working Paper Series. Paper 226.

van der Laan, M. J., Polley, E. C., & Hubbard, A. E. (2007). Super learner. Statistical applications in genetics and molecular biology, 6(1).

van der Laan, M. J., & Rose, S. (2011). Targeted learning: causal inference for observational and experimental data. Springer Science & Business Media.

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