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Suggestive - take suggestions from the fans/followers of your podcast or blog

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(Completely under development--a free time hacking project, not a production app)

Suggestive makes it easy for podcasts and other recurring content sources to take suggestions from fans/followers. Suggestive is still under development. There are no active releases yet. It's pre-Alpha, so fork and use at your own discretion.


Demo of current progress:

Demo of where it is right now



  1. (Optionally) Fork this repository

  2. Clone the repository locally

  3. Install dependencies with composer install

  4. Copy .env.example to .env and modify its contents to reflect your local environment.

  5. Setup test Twitter Application or test Github application and copy credentials and redirect to .env

  6. Run database migrations. If you want to include seed data, add a --seed flag.

    php artisan migrate --env=local
  7. Configure a web server, such as the built-in PHP web server, to use the public directory as the document root.

    php -S localhost:8080 -t public
  8. Run php artisan key:generate

  9. Run tests with ./vendor/bin/phpunit.

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