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The bootstrap components made with styled-components 💅

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The bootstrap components made with styled-components.

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  • I wanted to use bootstrap with React for fast prototypes, or as an entrypoint for my own UI Component Library, or if I needed just one bootstrap component for my application, now I can simply install that specific component. To work with ease with any other library or framework these components are built with styled-components.
  • I wanted to learn a bit more on how CSS works and on how to build a CSS UI Library from scratch, mostly but not only by reading the bootstrap CSS code and the MDN web docs.
  • I wanted to learn how to manage and maintain a monorepo with multiple packages based on lerna.


You can install all bootstrap components with...

Note: every component has a peer dependency on styled-components > v4. To use these components you also need to npm i styled-components -S.

$ npm i styled-bootstrap-components -S


$ yarn add styled-bootstrap-components

or you can install just the components that you need by following the installation guides in the components section.


For detailed information (also on how to customize these components) take a look at the documentation.

To see which components are available take a look at the components section.

// whatever components you need
import { Button } from 'styled-bootstrap-components';

export const myComponent = (props) => (
  <Button>Hello, World!</Button>


For detailed information take a look at the documentation.


MIT © Lukas Aichbauer

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