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A string formatter and validator based on masks.

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A string formatter and validator based on masks.


With npm:

npm install --save string-mask

With bower:

bower install --save string-mask


Character Description
0 Any numbers
9 Any numbers (Optional)
# Any numbers (recursive)
A Any alphanumeric character
a Any alphanumeric character (Optional) Not implemented yet
S Any letter
U Any letter (All lower case character will be mapped to uppercase)
L Any letter (All upper case character will be mapped to lowercase)
$ Escape character, used to escape any of the special formatting characters.

Special characters types

Note: Any character of the mask positioned after a recursive character will be handled as a non special character.


Use it creating an mask instance with the StringMask contructor:

 * - optionsObject parameter is optional in the constructor
 * - apply will return the a masked string value
 * - validate will return `true` if the string matchs the mask
var mask = new StringMask('some mask', optionsObject); //optionsObject is optional
var maskedValue = mask.apply('some value string');
var isValid = mask.validate('some value string to validate');

Or by the static interface:

 * - optionsObject parameter is optional in all methods
 * - apply will return the a masked string value
 * - validate will return `true` if the string matchs the mask
 * - process will return a object: {result: <maskedValue>, valid: <isValid>}
var maskedValue = StringMask.apply('some value string', 'some mask', optionsObject); 
var isValid = StringMask.validate('some value string', 'some mask', optionsObject);
var result = StringMask.process('some value string', 'some mask', optionsObject);

Some masks examples


	var formatter = new StringMask('#0');
	var result = formatter.apply('123'); // 123

Two decimal number with thousands separators

	var formatter = new StringMask('#.##0,00', {reverse: true});
	var result = formatter.apply('100123456'); // 1.001.234,56
	result = formatter.apply('6'); // 0,06

Phone number

	var formatter = new StringMask('+00 (00) 0000-0000');
	var result = formatter.apply('553122222222'); // +55 (31) 2222-2222


	var formatter = new StringMask('#0,00%');
	var result = formatter.apply('001'); // 0,01%

Brazilian CPF number

	var formatter = new StringMask('000.000.000-00');
	var result = formatter.apply('12965815620'); // 129.658.156-20

Date and time

	var formatter = new StringMask('90/90/9900');
	var result = formatter.apply('1187'); // 1/1/87

Convert Case

	var formatter = new StringMask('UUUUUUUUUUUUU');
	var result = formatter.apply('To Upper Case'); // TO UPPER CASE
	var formatter = new StringMask('LLLLLLLLLLLLL');
	var result = formatter.apply('To Lower Case'); // to lower case

International Bank Number

	var formatter = new StringMask('UUAA AAAA AAAA AAAA AAAA AAAA AAA');
	var result = formatter.apply('FR761111900069410000AA33222');
	// result: FR76 1111 BBBB 6941 0000 AA33 222


We'd love for you to contribute to our source code! We just ask to:

  • Write tests for the new feature or bug fix that you are solving
  • Ensure all tests pass before send the pull-request (Use: $ gulp pre-push)
  • Use commit messages following the commit conventions of angular.js Git Commit Guidelines
  • Pull requests will not be merged if:
    • has not unit tests
    • reduce the code coverage
    • not passing in the $gulp pre-push task


Copyright (c) 2016 Daniel Campos

Licensed under the MIT license.

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