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On August 31, 2018, the Secure Gmail Chrome extension was discontinued and was made unavailable to download. This was due to Gmail launching a similar feature called Confidential Mode. We highly encourage you to transition to this new Gmail feature as soon as possible to ensure you can continue sending confidential emails. You should also uninstall the Secure Gmail extension, which will only offer decryption support from now on.

Looking forward, the Streak team will continue to focus on improving our core product - the Streak CRM for Gmail. It offers workflow management but also power tools like email tracking, scheduled emails, and mail merge all from within Gmail.

Installation instructions

If you find yourself needing to access a previously-encrypted message and no longer have the Secure Gmail extension installed, here's how you can go about getting the extension back on chrome:

  1. Download the source code for the extension by clicking the green "Clone or download" button above. Click the "Download ZIP" option.
  2. Unzip the StreakSecureGmail-master folder that is downloaded. On Mac you can do that by double clicking the file.
  3. Open Chrome.
  4. Go to the Extension Settings view of Chrome. You can do this by typing chrome://extensions/ into your search bar and hitting enter.
  5. Turn on Developer Mode by toggling Developer Mode on in the top right of the settings page:
  6. Select "Load unpacked" in the top left of the settings page
  7. Find the unpacked folder within the StreakSecureGmail-master folder you downloaded and click select.

The extension should now be loaded onto your browser!

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