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Starbeam is a new kind of reactive library. It makes reactive programming simple and fun, and it works with your existing JavaScript framework.

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It interoperates natively with React state management patterns, Svelte stores, the Vue composition API, and Ember's auto-tracking system.

The Big Picture

  • Use normal JavaScript APIs and access patterns. Build reactive data structures using reactive versions of JavaScript built-ins like objects, arrays, maps, and sets, and update them exactly as you would with normal JavaScript.
  • No delays. Updates to reactive values take effect immediately. Your reactive data and computations are always coherent, just like normal JavaScript.
  • Works everywhere. You don't need to learn a new framework to take advantage of Starbeam's cutting edge reactive system. You can render Starbeam data using renderers designed for your framework of choice, or even build your own renderer.
  • TypeScript types are a first-class consideration. Every part of Starbeam's API was designed from the ground up using TypeScript types with careful attention to the details. And if you're not a TypeScript user, you can still get the benefit in normal JavaScript code through inline suggestions, documentation and tab completion in your editor, no configuration needed.

Get started with Starbeam and learn more at the docs website.

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