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Need Your first pr for hacktoberfest 2k21 ? come on in

❓ What's Hacktoberfest 2021?

Hacktoberfest is the easiest way to get into open source! Hacktoberfest is a month long festival of open source code presented by Digital Ocean and DEV this year in 2021.

During the entire month of October 2021, all you have to do is contribute to any open source projects and open at least 4 pull requests. Yes, any project and any kind of contributions. It can be a be a bug fix, improvement, or even a documentation change! And win a T-Shirt and awesome stickers.

If you’ve never contributed to open source before, this is the perfect time to get started because Hacktoberfest provides a large list of available contribution opportunities (and yes, there are always plenty for beginners too).

👕 Why Should I Contribute?

Hacktoberfest has a simple and plain moto.

Support open source and earn a limited edition T-shirt!

So, yes! You can win a T-Shirt and few awesome stickers to attach on your laptop. On plus side, you will get into beautiful world of open source and get the international exposure.
Wait there's more!

👍 This is Awesome! How Can I Contribute?

It's very easy. You don't need to be an expert in coding and programming. Here are the steps you need to follow to create your -(maybe)- EXAMPLE first pull request within few minutes.

  1. Star this repository.
  2. Navigate To index.html or main.css do so crazy contribution file
  3. Edit the file and insert the line of text in the specified location in the format as given in comment .
  4. Now click on Propose button.
  5. Create a new pull request.
  6. Wait for your Pull Request to be reviewed and merged!
  7. Enjoy and welcome to Hacktoberfest 2021 and Keep Contributing :)

You Can Upload Coded Projects In the Codes Directory

🔥 What will happen after my contribution?

I have created a simple page to display all contributors list here, your name should appear shortly after the pull request is merged.

Code Of Conduct

Examples of behavior that contributes to creating a positive environment :

  • Using welcoming and inclusive language
  • Gracefully accepting constructive criticism
  • Focusing on what is best for the community
  • Being respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences

Examples of unacceptable behavior by participants include:

  • Trolling, insulting/derogatory comments, and personal or political attacks
  • Public or private harassment
  • Publishing others' private information, such as a physical or electronic address, without explicit permission


The Main Objectives of this Repositry is to help People for their Contribution in Hacktoberfest 2021

Languages and Tools:

bootstrap css3 html5 javascript sass

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