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Keepalive extension for SQL Developer

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What is this?

You know when you are working in SQL Developer, and you have to reconnect because your connection has been terminated? Pretty annoying, right?
This extension solves your problem! By sending a simple query to the database every n seconds, it keeps your connection alive.

How do I install it?

Just download the latest release: GitHub release (latest by date)
It comes as a ZIP, which you can simply install in SQL Developer with the menu Help > Check for Updates.
After restarting SQL developer, click the first icon from the right to start using the keepalive. keepalive icon
Something is not clear? Read two sections ahead ;)

Why did you make this?

The community wanted this. I started from MinChen Chai's extension for SQL Developer 3 and ported it to the OSGi framework used from version 4.

Can I contribute?


  • Something doesn't work? Please open an issue.
  • Want to document something better? Please edit the wiki.
  • Want to improve the extension? Please open a pull request.
  • Want to say thanks or to help me develop more software? Read the next section ;)

Is your software free?

It is, and released under the MIT license.
However, it would be nice to have an incentive to do other little projects. Buy me a coffee and I'll be grateful!

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