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SpiderOak HTML5 / Javascript / CSS mobile client application, rebooted


7 years ago


8 years ago

Splitting the app into two variations / flavors.

  • "Orange" – The current consumer app
  • "Blue" – The business / enterprise app for both hosted and private cloud customers

Also adds a new login flow – particularly for the "Orange" version – that includes a new preliminary screen to explain how to get an account, etc.

Bugfixes include – but are not limited to:

  • Fix for mailing files locking up the app
  • Better details view for anonymous ShareRooms
  • ...and more


8 years ago

Bug fix release for iOS and maintenance release for Android

All Platforms:

  • Better ShareRooms details screen
  • Ajax timeout upped from 2 minutes to 5


  • Updated file viewing and sharing. "Share" renamed "Share / Open in", and should be compatible with more file types


8 years ago

Latest release for Android, first for iOS


9 years ago

Pretty much the same as the last release...


9 years ago