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Fundamental modules for building SchemeSpheres (deprecated)

Project README

Spheres Release ![Gambit Version Supported](http://img.shields.io/badge/supported Gambit version-4.7.3-blue.svg)

This version is deprecated, next version, actively developed is available here: Spheres Experimental

Installation and Quickstart

Please read the quickstart guide

Functionality found in this Sphere

  • Syntax expansion
  • FFI utilities and generators
  • Generic macros and procedures, conventionally used
  • Macros for building macros
  • Functional programming style helpers
  • Primitives for expressing iterative lazy algorithms
  • Assert
  • Match
  • Lightweight testing framework (SRFI-78)
  • Ssake and Sspheres programs

A great extension of Core's functionality can be found in Energy

Currently supported Spheres

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