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Everyone makes typos. This includes people writing documentation and comments, but it also includes programmers naming variables, functions, apis, classes, and filenames.

Often, programmers will use InitialCapitalization, camelCase, ALL_CAPS, or IDLCase when naming their things. When they do this, it makes it much harder for naive spelling tools to recognize misspellings, and as such, with a really high false-positive rate, people don't tend to enable spellchecking at all.

This repository's tools are capable of tolerating all of those variations. Specifically, w understands enough about how programmers name things that it can split the above conventions into word-like things for checking against a dictionary.

See workflows for how these tools are usually used together. See tools for a description of each tool and sample usage.

Path Overview

These tools are designed to live in ~/bin, I haven't spent the time to have them fish for their own locations. I'm not a huge fan of bash and would rather use either portable sh or perl.

They're built on top of hg, but you could probably make an hg script / symlink that runs git w/ minimal effort.


See prerequisites

CI Integration

It is possible to integrate this with your favorite CI. I'm slowly working on this.

I've published a GitHub Action:

check spelling logo Check spelling

My initial work was done for the checkstyle project (see the Travis hook).



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