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SpaceVim is a vim configuration inspired by spacemacs, it is compatible with Vim and Neovim.


  • Modularization: plugins and functions are organized in layers.
  • Compatible api: a series of compatible APIs for Vim/Neovim.
  • Great documentation: online documentation and :h SpaceVim.
  • Better experience: rewrite core plugins using lua
  • Beautiful UI: you'll love the awesome UI and its useful features.
  • Mnemonic key bindings: key binding guide will be displayed automatically
  • Fast boot time: Lazy-load 90% of plugins with dein.vim
  • Lower the risk of RSI: by heavily using the space bar instead of modifiers.
  • Consistent experience: consistent experience between terminal and gui


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This project wouldn't exist without all the people who contributed, We are thankful for any contributions from the community.


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