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Disk And Memory Space Visualization App built with Electron & d3.js


6 years ago
  • move app structure
  • Update libs
    • Electron 1.7.8
    • D3
  • refactor chart plugin routing
  • Flamegraphs
  • Shared colors for treemap views
  • List view of directory
  • Sort by size
  • bump tag
  • release new builds
    • Make travis build stuff automatically

List View screen shot 2017-09-26 at 10 41 28 pm

Flamecharts image

Treeviews screenshot 2017-09-29 22 14 05



6 years ago


6 years ago


8 years ago

This release features the popularly requested Treemaps.

This may contains minor bugs and the intention is to get early feedback. (Treemaps colors and transition animations are not finalized)

Also in this release is

  • Memory monitoring
  • Mac App styling
  • Context Menus for locating + opening + deleting files / directories
  • Navigation controls (back/fwd/up)
  • Improved loading performance (using invisible renderer process)

More notes can be found in this PR



8 years ago

This version fixes and addresses many issues. It has gotten an app icon too thanks to Jill!


Mac only builds for now(update: windows builds added), and if you try it, please let me know what you think!


  • App icon finally! Thanks Jill for the help with this :)
  • Many Bug fixes
  • Disk scanning is moved to a webview process
  • Investigated various RPC methods. Now uses LocalStorage + FileSystem IPC message passing
  • Reduce memory usage (and Electron crashes) by not caching key paths
  • Tested on > 100GB & 2M files
  • Improvements to user interactivity esp on hover states
  • To prevent renderer process from hitting heap mem limit (1.5GB), all previous data is null, with dom elements removed to reduce memory pressure
  • Allow target selection for disk usage scanning
  • Locate path in Finder
  • Env Debug Flags


8 years ago
  • Major speed up scanning directories. About 10x from version 1.x.x, and almost as fast or faster than du.
  • Runs disk scanning as a separate headless renderer process
  • Json is passed back via IPC (could be a bottleneck at this process)
  • Remove Async npm dependency



8 years ago

Packaging MacOS builds