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Generated SDK for source2 engine games

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This repository contains the generated Source 2 SDKs for various games. Each game has its own branch, with the SDK dump specific to that game.

Available Branches

  • csgo - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Counter-Strike 2)
  • dota - Dota 2
  • hlvr - Half-Life: Alyx
  • artifact-classic - Artifact
  • artifact-foundry - Artifact Foundry
  • sbox - S&Box
  • underlods - Dota Underlords

To access the SDK for a specific game, switch to the corresponding branch:

git checkout <branch_name>

Replace <branch_name> with the desired game branch (e.g., csgo, dota, etc.).

Generation & Contributions

The SDK dumps in this repository were generated using the - NEVERLOSE Source2Gen tool.

If you want to contribute or make changes to the generated SDKs, please submit a pull request on the Source2Gen repository. Any changes made to the SDKs in this repository should originate from the Source2Gen project.


Please refer to the original projects and libraries used in the Source2Gen repository for license information.

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