Soundsphere Save

VSRG written in Lua

Project README


Open-source rhythm game


  • A website with communities, leaderboards and difficulty tables
  • Windows and Linux
  • Asyncronous input on windows
  • Mounting directories or archives with charts
  • bms, ksh, mid, ojn, osu, qua, sm
  • Discord integration
  • Modding the game
  • 3D perspective
  • Replays
  • osu! skins
  • Lua skins
  • A lot of modifiers (including anyK to anyK converter)
  • Offset auto adjustment integrated in score
  • Configurable difficulty of score system
  • Subdirectories as collections
  • Partitial controller support
  • Midi input support
  • Search filters (e.g. l>5m)
  • Clear lamps (using filters)
  • Sorting
  • Visual long note shortening
  • Input, visual local offsets
  • Customizable prepare/play/pause time
  • Settings for noteskins
  • osu!direct
  • Multiplayer
  • Auto-updater
  • And much more

Future plans:

  • Spectator
  • Offset wizzard
  • More score systems and difficulty calculators
  • Flexible collections
  • Difficulty tables
  • Multiple profiles
  • Replay import
  • Editor
  • And much more
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