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An Electron wrapper for Soundcloud [INACTIVE]

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Soundkeys serves straight from Soundcloud. Benefit from the website's features and caching! 😼

The SoundCloud website wrapped in Electron with shortcuts for a native experience.

Includes a mini-player with minimal controls as well.

Default shortcuts included are:

Global shortcuts :

Keys Actions
MediaNextTrack Next Track
MediaPreviousTrack Previous Track
MediaPlayPause Play/Pause Track
Ctrl+3 Like Toggle
Ctrl+4 Repeat Toggle
Ctrl+5 Shuffle Toggle


Get notified about your actions when the window is not visible. 💯

Alt text

Alt text


Download from here. 💎


Building is a piece of cake as the app uses Electron. 🍰
Follow these instructions to setup the app.

git clone
cd SoundKeys
npm install
npm start

You might want to consider installing Electron globally as it's huge. (~140 MB)
Feel free to create an ISSUE or shoot me an email for any help. ✌️
The app hasn't been tested on Linux or OSX. Please provide feedback if you did.


Check the Projects tab for the roadmap. 😸

Login issues: (Only Facebook)😿

As Electron opens each window in a seperate process, login callbacks aren't triggered properly.
If the application stalls for you, reload the page and try to login again. (Sometimes twice)
Reload is mapped to F5.

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