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SoundCloud for macOS and Windows


3 years ago
  • Add basic dark mode
  • Support the Now Playing widget on macOS
  • Make the app work on macOS Catalina
  • Avoid "Unidentified developer" warnings on macOS
  • Security and performance fixes

Known issues:

  • Sign-in only works with username and password, Google, Facebook and Apple methods do not work


5 years ago
  • Allow launching with a SoundCloud URL from the command line
  • Security updates


6 years ago
  • Fix broken history navigation shortcuts


6 years ago
  • Fix reposting and liking tracks while searching #163 #165
  • Fix Bluetooth headphone Play/Pause #159
  • Fix "window is not defined" on network errors #149


6 years ago
  • Fix notification spam when seeking or restarting play
  • Adds a "repost" option to all of the menus
  • Bring in latest security fixes from Electron (see


7 years ago
  • Add MacBook Touch Bar support
  • Support Windows back/forward/home keys (experimental)


7 years ago
  • Fix full screen closing/quitting on macOS #139
  • Add like/unlike to the main and dock menus #135
  • Show album art on desktop notification


7 years ago
  • Fix black screen when closing fullscreen app


7 years ago
  • Fix accidental back navigation when scrolling


7 years ago
  • Add experimental swipe back/forward navigation
  • Fix media key flakyness under some circumstances
  • Fix crash on startup #130