C++ implementation of Lie Groups using Eigen.

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This is a c++ implementation of Lie groups commonly used for 2d and 3d geometric problems (i.e. for Computer Vision or Robotics applications). Among others, this package includes the special orthogonal groups SO(2) and SO(3) to present rotations in 2d and 3d as well as the special Euclidean group SE(2) and SE(3) to represent rigid body transformations (i.e. rotations and translations) in 2d and 3d.

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Cross platform support

Sophus compiles with clang and gcc on Linux and OS X as well as msvc on Windows. The specific compiler and operating system versions which are supported are the ones which are used in the Continuous Integration (CI): See GitHubCI_ and AppVeyor_ for details.

However, it should work (with no to minor modification) on many other modern configurations as long they support c++14, CMake, Eigen 3.3.X and (optionally) fmt. The fmt dependency can be eliminated by passing "-DUSE_BASIC_LOGGING=ON" to cmake when configuring Sophus.

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