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This SonarSource project is a static code analyser for JavaScript, TypeScript and CSS languages.

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:arrow_right: eslint-plugin-sonarjs, our plugin for ESLint


  • Advanced rules based on pattern matching and control flow analysis
  • ~280 rules for JavaScript and TypeScript
  • ~30 rules for CSS
  • Compatible with ECMAScript 2015-2020
  • React JSX, Flow and Vue support for JavaScript and TypeScript
  • CSS, SCSS, Less, also 'style' inside PHP, HTML and VueJS files
  • Metrics (complexity, number of lines etc.)
  • Import of test coverage reports
  • Import of ESLint, TSLint and Stylelint issues


You can find documentation here

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To request a new feature, create a new thread in SonarSource Community Forum. Even if you plan to implement it yourself and submit it back to the community, please create a thread to be sure that we can follow up on it.

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To submit a contribution, create a pull request for this repository. Please make sure that you follow our code style and all tests are passing.

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