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An example for an Ethereum Smart Contract with Solidity

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An example Ethereum Smart Contract with Solidity


  • docker pull harshjv/testrpc
  • docker run -d -p 8545:8545 harshjv/testrpc
  • open index.html

To build locally, you might also use:

  • docker pull mzupzup/soliditybuilder
  • docker run -v /path/to/this/folder:/sol mzupzup/soliditybuilder
    • windows: docker run -v c:/path/to/this/folder:/sol mzupzup/soliditybuilder

If you want automatic file-watching as well (not on Windows), you may also use:

  • docker pull mzupzup/soliditywatcher
  • docker run -v /path/to/this/folder:/sol mzupzup/soliditywatcher

The Contract

Winner Takes all Crowdfunding

  • Create contract with minimum entry fee, deadline for project proposals and deadline for campaign
  • People can enter their projects with a name, url and the entry fee until the project proposal deadline
  • After project proposal deadline, other people can "vote" with ether for the projects they want to support until the campaign deadline
  • When the proposal deadline is reached, the campaign can be finished and the Project with the most funds overall receives all the funds entered in the campaign
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