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Social Share URLs

This project is intended to help you integrate sharing on social media within your code. We have been actively doing this since 2013.

What we try to provide :

  • Source Code Libraries : To provide basic utilities for generating these social media links in any environment that you need.
  • Icons : Public domain and permissively-licensed, at an amazing 450x450 resolution.
  • Regularly-Tested, Basic Share-URL Formats of Popular, Social Media : Directly linking to share/like pages on that social media with fillable URL, text, and other parameters.
    • For example :
    • URL's are organized into category (multi-language, phone-based, email-based, etc.).
    • Each URL category is sorted by Alexa-rank. Know what's important without having to track down the info.
  • Reference Sources : For each service, URL format, and set of parameters, so that you can feel confident about these links and find out more if you need to do something more interesting.
    • We include primary sources (official documentation or official dev blogs). We try to provide at least one of these per service.
    • We also include secondary sources (like forum conversations or StackOverflow questions). We try to provide at least three of these per service.
  • History : Hey, we've been around for a while, wh00! Check out our history page!

Just Want the Gist?

Want to download just the URL's from this project?

Then check out our GitHub Gist :


Some sites using this project :

Supported Social Networks

Multi-Language Social Media

Non-English Social Media

Phone/Audio-Based Social Media

Email-Based Social Media

Locally/Personally-Run Social Media

URL Arguments

Your URL should be placed in the url parameter; if not available, you will need to construct a message about your URL and place that message in the title or text parameters.

Argument Description Used By
{url} The URL-encoded link you want to share. Service may reject link if not encoded. GoogleBookmarks, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Blogger, LiveJournal, EverNote, GetPocket, HackerNews, Digg, FlipBoard, InstaPaper, SurfingBird, Diaspora,, Skype,, QZone, VK, Weibo, OKru, Douban, XING, RenRen, GMail, Yahoo, WordPress
{title} The page title of the url you want to share. GoogleBookmarks, Reddit, Tumblr, Blogger, LiveJournal, EverNote, HackerNews, FlipBoard, InstaPaper, SurfingBird, Diaspora, VK, Weibo, Douban, RenRen, EMail, GMail, Yahoo, WordPress
{text} A longer description of the content you are sharing. GoogleBookmarks, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, InstaPaper, SurfingBird, SMS,, Skype,, VK, RenRen, Threema, EMail, WordPress
{hash_tags} Hashtags appended onto the tweet (comma separated. don't include "#"). GoogleBookmarks, Twitter, Tumblr
{user_id} The username/id of a particular user on a social media service. Twitter, Threema
{email_address} Where a social share is directed. You will most likely want to leave this blank, so the user can fill it in. EMail, GMail, Yahoo
{image} The url to the image/thumbnail to use when sharing. SurfingBird, WordPress
{phone_number} An applicable phone number, if there is one. SMS, Whatsapp
{app_id} The App ID. Facebook
{redirect_url} The url a sharer will be redirected to after a successful share. Facebook
{page_type} Type of page, either "page" or "popup." Facebook
{category} A section to submit the share/comment to. Flattr

Multi-Language Social Media


Global Rank : 4 (may 9, 2020)

Facebook (with Sharer)

Parameters : u.{url}

Source :

Facebook (with Share Dialog)

Parameters : app_id, page_type, href, redirect_url.{app_id}&display={page_type}&href={url}&redirect_uri={redirect_url}

Source :


Global Rank : 19 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : url, title.{url}&title={title}

Source :


Global Rank : 47 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : url, text, via, hashtags.{url}&text={title}&via={user_id}&hashtags={hash_tags}

Source :


Global Rank : 60 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : url.{url}

Source :


Global Rank : 71 (may 5, 2020)

Parameters : phone, text.{phone_number}&text={title}%20{url}

Source :


Global Rank : 115 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : canonicalUrl, title, caption, tags.{url}&title={title}&caption={text}&tags={hash_tags}

Source :


Global Rank : 152 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : url.{url}{url}

Source :


Global Rank : 208 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : u, n, t.{url}&n={title}&t={text}

Source :


Global Rank : 371 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : url, title.{url}&title={title}

Source :


Global Rank : 446 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : subject, event.{title}&event={url}

Source :


Global Rank : 940 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : url.{url}

Source :


Global Rank : 5,603 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : u, t.{url}&t={title}

Source :


Global Rank : 6,302 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : title, url.{title}&url={url}

Source :


Global Rank : 13,206 (may 9, 2020; site:

Parameters : bkmk, title, annotation, labels.{url}&title={title}&annotation={text}&labels={hash_tags}

Source :


Global Rank : 32,169 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : url, title, description.{url}&title={title}&description={text}

Source :


Global Rank : 300,660 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : title, url.{title}&url={url}

Source :

Non-English Social Media


Global Rank : 5 (may 9, 2020)

Language : Chinese.

Parameters : url.{url}&title={title}&summary={text}

Source :


Global Rank : 16 (may 16, 2020)

Language : Chinese.

Parameters : url, title.{url}&appkey=&title={title}&pic=&ralateUid=

Source :


Global Rank : 22 (may 9, 2020)

Language : Russian.

Parameters : url, title, comment.{url}&title={title}&comment={text}

Source :


Global Rank : 62 (may 9, 2020)

AKA : AKA "Odnoklassniki" (English: "Classmates").

Language : Russian.

Parameters : st.shareUrl.{url}

Source :


Global Rank : 284 (may 9, 2020)

Language : Chinese.

Parameters : name, text, comment.{title}&text={text}&comment={url}&href={url}

Source :


Global Rank : 1,220 (may 9, 2020)

AKA : Xiaonei.

Language : Chinese.

Parameters : resourceUrl, srcUrl, title, description.{url}&srcUrl={url}&title={title}&description={text}

Source :


Global Rank : 1,749 (may 9, 2020)

Language : German.

Parameters : url.{url}

Source :


Global Rank : 20,144 (may 9, 2020)

Language : German.

Parameters : text, id.


Source :

Phone/Audio-Based Social Media


Global Rank : N/A

Parameters : sms, body.



Global Rank : 175 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : url, text.{url}&text={text}

Source :

Global Rank : 237 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : url, text.{url}

Source :

Global Rank : 328 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : url, text.{url}&text={text}{url}&text={text}

Email-Based Social Media


Global Rank : N/A

Parameters : mailto, subject, body.

mailto:{email_address}?subject={title}&body={url} {text}

Source :


Global Rank : 1 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : to, su, body, bcc, cc.{email_address}&su={title}&body={url}&bcc={email_address}&cc={email_address}

Source :


Global Rank : 12 (may 9, 2020)

Parameters : to, subject, body.{email_address}&subject={title}&body={url}

Source :

Locally/Personally-Run Social Media


Global Rank : N/A

Parameters : u, t, s, i.{url}&t={title}&s={text}&i={image}

Source :

Deprecated Social Share URLs

Once supported, but no longer. Some of these may be well-documented. They are no longer supported because the share links no longer provide the desired action. These are listed for the sake of completion.

Use at your own merciless peril.






  • Links failed in 2018. There are numerous, active complaints for this service, discoverable by just searching the web.

    • fb-messenger://share?link={url}&app_id={app_id}



  • A breach of security in the network in late 2018 caused Google to decide to end the social network.

  • Massive security flaws were revealed in 2017 and 2018, causing to be added to the uBlock Origin blacklist. User password leak: currently active. Additionally, testing by Social Share dev's determined that the API no longer works.




  • URL requires login, accounts requires authorizing with several social media parties, and on Chrome and Firefox, using Windows, iOS, and Android, account creation could not be completed. This was the longest service to test that did not require software to be downloaded and locally installed.




  • Social-share service moved from to, where it ceased to function in 2019. Attempted use produces result, "We couldn't gather the information from this website. Please double-check your link or try again later."


  • Social-share service discontinued in 2018. Confirmed after the test requirements: installing Viber on Desktop and Phone, syncing phone with desktop, logging in with verified American legal credentials, and multiple tests of the given documentation - Invalid Documentation: Using Viber Official Specifications is a Failure. Official development @viber has been negligent in response to inquiries.

    • Official Viber Response: "Your feedback will be considered as our teams work on upcoming versions. I’ll be closing this ticket, but feel free to reply to me with any further suggestions." [Case: #4641960]

    • Further Retest Results in 2020: Viber has completely rewritten their API, as documented here, Deep Links. Further retesting reveals that both the old API and the brand-new API are still broken and inoperable.

    • viber://forward?text={url}



  • Social-share service started in 2018 and discontinued in 2020. AddThis is now a marketing firm that tries to sell a social share URL list, much ours. Except we're free -- free as in free beer and free speech!


  • Social-share service discontinued in 2020. Users may still use the api to share text and communicate, but URLs are forbidden, and are immediately rewritten to internal, buffer URLs, which have nothing to do with the content you want to share.


  • Social-share service discontinued in 2020. Attempting to use the URL results in: "404 Sorry, this page isn’t available."


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