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Fluent re-take on Unity Inspector UX. Packed with QoL improvements.

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Smart Inspector

! This package would be soon rewritten to remove Harmony dependency, with introduction of Open Labs Core package !

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Tabbed Inspector

Peek multiple components without scrolling or expanding. Supports Gizmos!

Rich Customization

Fluent Injection API

Customization without limits, using fluent UITK API, instant injection and must-have helpers!

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Snappy Tooltip

Compact UnityEvents

Collapsing and Reordering by default.

Improved Dragging

Larger drop area, so you don't have to precisely aim at 2 pixels between headers.


Supported Unity versions?
From Unity 2019.4 up to 2021.2!

How to install?
Clone and install as local package Be up-to-date with repo, freely modify a package
Via OpenUPM / Package Installer Auto-install and add scoped registry, providing verified Releases to UPM
Using Git URL Not recommended - no updates, no version control
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