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Slide-drive is a HTML5 slideshow player that enables audio or video to control a Deck.js slideshow. The author needs nothing more than a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to make a fully featured slideshow.

Getting Started

Clone the repo and externals

(This currently clones hundreds of megs of unnecessary or redundant data.)

$ git clone slide-drive
$ cd slide-drive
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

To update, assuming no modifications were made

$ git pull origin master
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

Setup Node.js and its modules

Butter requires Node.js v0.6 or higher. You may use your system's copy, but I prefer to install an isolated copy using the Python tool nodeenv. This takes longer to install but is more difficult to break.

Install it using you Python package manager of choice

$ pip install nodeenv
# OR
$ easy_install nodeenv

Create local node installation

$ python -m nodeenv --node=0.7.9 --npm=1.1.23 nodeenv

Install Butter's dependencies using NPM:

$ nodeenv/bin/npm install external/butter/
$ nodeenv/bin/npm install shelljs express stylus mongoose express-browserid

Install and Run MongoDB

Some basic functionality doesn't require MongoDB, but it is required to save or share pages. You're on your own for this.

Start the Butter/Cornfield server

$ NODE_PATH=external_configs/cornfield nodeenv/bin/node external/butter/cornfield/app

Open it!

Keyboard commands

  • play or pause: p
  • next slide: spacebar, right arrow, up arrow
  • previous slide: backspace, left arrow, down arrow
  • show slide menu: m
  • go to slide: g


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