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CLI utility to post files and command output to slack

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Slackcat is a simple commandline utility to post snippets to Slack.



Download the latest release for your platform:

curl -Lo slackcat$(uname -s)-amd64
sudo mv slackcat /usr/local/bin/
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/slackcat

slackcat is also available via homebrew:

brew install slackcat


To optionally build slackcat from source, ensure you have dep installed and run:

go get && \
cd $GOPATH/src/ && \
make build

You must use GNU make for the build to work correctly. If your platform does not install GNU make as make (i.e. OpenBSD) then you will need to install gmake and run:

go get && \
cd $GOPATH/src/ && \
gmake build


Generate an initial config, or add a new team token with:

slackcat --configure

You'll be prompted for a team nickname and a new browser window will be opened for you to confirm the request via Slack. Provide the returned token to slackcat when prompted, and you're ready to go!

For configuring multiple teams and default channels, see Configuration Guide.


Pipe command output as a text snippet:

$ echo -e "hi\nthere" | slackcat --channel general --filename hello
*slackcat* file hello uploaded to general

Post an existing file:

$ slackcat --channel general /home/user/bot.png
*slackcat* file bot.png uploaded to general

Stream input continuously:

$ tail -F -n0 /path/to/log | slackcat --channel general --stream
*slackcat* posted 5 message lines to general
*slackcat* posted 2 message lines to general


Option Description
--tee, -t Print stdin to screen before posting
--stream, -s Stream messages to Slack continuously instead of uploading a single snippet
--noop Skip posting file to Slack. Useful for testing
--configure Configure Slackcat via oauth
--iconemoji, -i Specify emoji icon for message (e.g. ":+1:")
--channel, -c Slack channel, group, or user to post to
--filename, -n Filename for upload. Defaults to given filename or current timestamp if reading from stdin
--filetype Specify filetype for syntax highlighting. Defaults to autodetect
--comment Initial comment for snippet
--username Stream messages as given bot user. Defaults to auth user
--thread Stream messages to thread after initial comment message
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