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⚛️ Deliver UI for Web and Mobile platforms without taking care about complexity on how to style there. It's based in React and Flutter and uses the core of CSS specification to allow you to write cross platform styles.

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Why "another component library"?

The focus of this library is to provide a common "DSL" for write UI cross platform. Doesn't matter if the platform it's mobile or web. You will think in UI based in "Text" (<Text>) and "Boxes" (<Box>) and write the styles with breakpoints based in the web CSS key value conventions.

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⚠️ Until version 2.0 we will have breaking changes while structuring the API.

Get Started


  • This is the main demo that we are working on, an project with React for Web and Flutter for mobile development.


  • The project is not well structured for contributions right now, if you find a bug, please open an issue and let's discuss how to implement it ?.

Dev mode

React (Web)

  • Use the folder examples/demo_base that simulates a real world project structure.
  • This setup has build:watch mode
# First terminal window
yarn install && yarn build:watch

# Second terminal window
yarn dev:demo_base

Flutter (Other platforms)

  • Open inside VSCode examples/demo_base/lib/main.dart, them run it through it.

How to use?

How to install?

  • flutter:
flutter pub add skynexui_components
  • yarn
yarn add @skynexui/components
  • npm
npm install @skynexui/components


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