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A simple window manager with Xlib written to fit my specific needs, and also to teach myself the basics of window management.


  • Minimal stacking window manager
  • Written in C++
  • Features:
    • No frills (menu, titlebar, icons, pixmap themes, autostart etc...)
    • Text config file (default $HOME/.config/simplewm/configrc)
    • Clients can be fixed (visible on all tags), iconified (i.e. hidden), or marked (marked clients can perform group actions)


> simplewm [--config file][--debug][--version][--help]

Client marks and group actions

  1. Multiple clients can be marked with MOD4+m (can be customized in config file)
    • The clients can be in different tags
  2. The marked clients can perform group actions
    • Fix (visible on all tags) with MOD4+f
    • Iconify (minimize) with MOD4+i
    • Send to tag with MOD4+Shift+[1-n_tags] (tag index)
  3. The marked clients can be de-marked with MOD4+m



Version log

  • 0.3 (Work in progress)
    • Goal: Simplify code in order to minimize potential bugs. Remove features that complicate code structures
    • Remove window groups
    • Remove Frame class (now part of Client class)
    • Remove rules
    • Add group actions (fix, iconify, and send to tag) on marked clients
  • 0.2 (2019-09-01) (download)
    • Goal: Code clean up and maximize efficiency
    • Removed root menu to simplify things. There are other external tools that can be used
  • 0.1 (2016-09-08) (download)
    • Goal: Getting the base WM

To do / Known issues:

Please use GitHub Issues Tracker to report bugs and issues.

  • BUG: Cannot set input on certain WINE applications
  • BUG: Random crashes, sources unknown
  • Code clean up
  • Implement Maximized/Fullscreen EMWH request
  • Implement group action on marked clients (v0.3)
  • Implement rules (removed v0.3)
  • Implement EWMH properties (v0.2)
  • Implement window grouping (v0.1, removed v0.3)
  • Implement fixed state for frames (v0.1)
  • Implement iconic state for frames (v0.1)
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