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An Android media player library powered by libVLC and Open Subtitles.


3 years ago

Bug Fixes:

  • Added code to ensure the MediaPlayerActivity would be stopped when tapping the foreground service notification, 'X' to stop playback.
  • Reduced service notification identifier to avoid "Context.startForegroundService() did not then call Service.startForeground()" exception


4 years ago
  • Removed constant definitions of SubtitleLanguage and SubtitleEncoding (see arrays.xml for values)


4 years ago
  • Fixed crash caused by becoming noisy broadcast receiver registration lifecycle.
  • Removed dead code


4 years ago
  • Fixed crash caused by invalid service Binder (LocalPlayerFragment)


4 years ago
  • Fixed casting seek bug that caused media playback to hang
  • Bumped libVLC version to 3.0.13
  • Subtitle menu item now hidden when casting
  • Removed BasePlayerFragment
  • Cleaned up CastPlayerFragment and LocalPlayerFragment
  • IBinder now passed to CastPlayerFragment and LocalPlayerFragment through arguments from MediaPlayerActivity


4 years ago
  • Fixed null-reference exception caused by invalid intent parameter definition of MediaPlayerService.onStartCommand(..)


4 years ago
  • Fixed crashes
  • Cleaned up some null propagation


4 years ago
  • Fixed null reference..


4 years ago
  • Fixed null references in MediaPlayerService
  • MediaPlayerService converted to Kotlin


4 years ago
  • Converted player fragments to Kotlin to help avoid null reference exceptions
  • Fixed crashes caused by dialog fragments entering invalid state (IllegalStateException)