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MIRROR of the SimGrid framework, for the simulation of distributed applications (Clouds, HPC, Grids, IoT and others). Most of the dev occurs on FramaGit.

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Welcome to the SimGrid project!

SimGrid is a scientific instrument to study the behavior of large-scale distributed systems such as Grids, Clouds, HPC or P2P systems. It can be used to evaluate heuristics, prototype applications or even assess legacy MPI applications.


Documentation: online; local copy. TL;DR:

cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/simgrid .
# Check the full list of options with `cmake -LH`
make install

More information

Online documentation or local version.

You can also ask your questions, or simply discuss with other users on to the SimGrid mattermost or on the #simgrid IRC channel of the oftc network.

Last, the main development of SimGrid is done on Framagit, but we also maintain a GitHub mirror and an Inria GitLab mirror,

Thanks for using our software. Please do great things with it and tell the world about it. Tell us, too, because we love to have positive feedback. Welcome to our community.

Cheers, Da SimGrid Team.

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