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A Silent (Hidden) Free Crypto Miner Builder - Supports ETC, RVN, XMR, RTM and much more.

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SilentCryptoMiner v3.4.0 - Miner for ETC, RVN, XMR, RTM & many more

A free silent (hidden) native cryptocurrency miner capable of mining ETC, RVN, XMR, RTM and much more, with many features suited for mining silently.

This miner can mine all the following algorithms and thus any cryptocurrency that uses one of them:

List of algorithms
AlgorithmExample Cryptocurrency
rx/0Monero, Zephyr
ethashCallisto, Dubaicoin, Ellaism, Etho, EthereumPoW, Expanse, Nilu, Pirl, PowBlocks
etchashEthereum Classic
kawpowRavencoin, Neoxa, Meowcoin, Neurai, Paprikacoin, Clore
firopowFiro, Kiirocoin
cn-heavy/xhvHaven, Blockcloud
cn/fastElectronero, ElectroneroXP

Main Features

  • Native C++ - Miner installer/injector and watchdog coded fully in C++ with no run requirements except a 64-bit OS
  • Injection (Silent/Hidden) - Hide miner inside another process like conhost.exe, explorer.exe, svchost.exe and others
  • Idle Mining - Can be configured to mine at different CPU and GPU usages or not at all while computer is or isn't in use
  • Stealth - Pauses the miner and clears the GPU memory and RAM while any of the programs in the "Stealth Targets" option are open
  • Watchdog - Monitors the miner file, miner processes and startup entry and restores the miner if anything is removed or killed
  • Multiple Miners - Can create multiple miners to run at the same time, for example one XMR (CPU) miner and one RVN (GPU) miner
  • CPU & GPU Mining - Can mine on Both CPU and GPU (Nvidia & AMD)
  • Windows Defender Exclusions - Can add exclusions into Windows Defender after being started to avoid being detected
  • Process Killer - Constantly checks for any programs in the "Kill Targets" list and kills them if found
  • Remote Configuration - Can get the miner settings remotely from a specified URL every 100 minutes
  • Web Panel Support - Has support for monitoring and configuring all the miners efficiently in a free self-hosted online web panel
  • And many many more.



Example Settings: Example Settings


You can find the wiki here or at the top of the page. The wiki contains information about the miner and all of its features, it also has some answers to frequently asked questions.

Web Panel

You can find the web panel that the miner officially supports here: UnamWebPanel. The web panel can be used to monitor your miners hashrate, status, connection settings and more. It can also be used to change the miner settings just like how the option "Remote Configuration" does it.


3.4.0 (14-11-2023)

  • Changed administrator "Startup" installation procedure from using the Task Scheduler to instead install as a Service
  • Changed the Administrator "Startup" installation from installing into "Program Files" to instead install into "ProgramData"
  • Removed the "Run as System" option due to Services always running as System
  • Added MSRT removal to the "Add Defender Exclusions" feature
  • Changed the C++ compiler to one with less detections and better features
  • Improved external compiler starting procedure to bypass compiler bugs when the build path contains spaces or unicode characters
  • Modified the compilation process to incorporate "strip" for the removal of all unnecessary symbols and relocation data
  • Adjusted compiler optimization level to mitigate some antivirus detections
  • Enabled LTO during compilation to remove a lot of compiler caused detections from unused sections
  • Changed the compiler from using temporary files to instead use pipes in order to work better with some irregular environments
  • Changed the compilation procedure to add a randomized creation date and last write date to the built miner files
  • Reverted miner builder .NET Framework version back to .NET 4.5 from .NET 4.8 for better compatibility
  • Changed the miner injection technique to both reduce complexity and antivirus detections
  • Optimized the process creation code
  • Remade miner injection loop code and watchdog mutex check loop code to bypass a new targeted Windows Defender detection
  • Greatly improved the SysWhispersU syscall generator
  • Switched over from static syscalls to randomized dynamic syscalls
  • Changed the "Run as Administrator" feature to elevate programmatically instead of through a manifest file to avoid manifest caused detections
  • Added obfuscation to all constants and literals
  • Added base64 encoding to embedded files in order to bypass detections caused by high entropy data
  • Changed the embedded resource format from hex to decimal in order to reduce memory usage and time during compilation
  • Changed the default "Startup" tabs "Entry Name" and "File Name" to a randomized string due to Windows Defender targeting the current default names
  • Added new "Randomize" button next to the "Startup" tabs "Entry Name" and "File Name" options to allow for fast randomization
  • Added new "Advanced Option" that allows automatic UPX packing of the embedded miner resource files
  • Changed the "Disable Windows Update" and "Disable Sleep" functions to directly call the programs instead of calling them through a command line
  • Changed default "Inject Into" program to conhost.exe instead of explorer.exe due to explorer.exe now triggering detections when running under System
  • Added ".exe" extension exclusion to "Add Defender Exclusions" feature in order to potentially prevent some future general memory detections
  • Removed XMR "GPU Mining" option due to problems with CUDA and it being worse than the already existing dedicated GPU miner
  • Removed XMR "CPU Mining" option due to it having no reason to exist now that the "GPU Mining" option is gone
  • Rewrote XOR cipher function to bypass XOR obfuscation detection
  • Remade the "Block Websites" feature code to bypass some detections caused by looping
  • Greatly improved the overall code to reduce wasteful calls, handles and possible code signatures
  • Changed "Start Delay" to only apply before installation in order to avoid timeouts
  • Updated the uninstaller to properly remove all files
  • Updated the miners

3.3.1 (04/09/2023)

  • Added OpenCL ICD loader statically into the GPU miner because some systems local loaders do not seem to work
  • Added automatic CPU mining core restart when a prolonged period of zero hashrate is detected
  • Fixed administrator "Startup" trigger to be "on login" when "Run as System" is disabled
  • Reduced some antivirus detections by modifying the miner compilation command
  • Changed some miner builder compiler commands to be absolute instead of relative
  • Added "Assembly" tab "Version" number sanitization
  • Fixed unnecessary log warning during compilation
  • Removed many old unused debug strings inside the miners

3.3.0 (24/08/2023)

  • Added the KawPow (kawpow) algorithm directly into the GPU miner
  • Added new FiroPow (firopow) algorithm
  • Added new ProgPow (progpow) algorithm
  • Added new ProgPowZ (progpowz) algorithm
  • Added new EvrProgPow (evrprogpow) algorithm
  • Implemented KawPow, FiroPow, EvrProgPow, ProgPow and ProgPowZ using only OpenCL for both Nvidia and AMD to bypass large CUDA NVRTC library requirement
  • Rewrote most of the GPU miner to add support for multiple algorithm families and to greatly improve stability and reliability
  • Added Sero-Proxy protocol to be able to mine Sero (ProgPow)
  • Removed KawPow (kawpow) algorithm from the XMR miner and also the large CUDA NVRTC library to make sure no one accidentally uses it
  • Re-added the Panthera (rx/xla) algorithm
  • Added Zephyr coin (rx/0) solo mining support
  • Moved the XMR miner "GPU Mining" option into the "Advanced" tab to discourage unprofitable XMR GPU mining
  • Moved the "Use Rootkit" option into the "Advanced Options" for better clarity regarding its complexity
  • Changed Task Scheduler Task creation from Powershell to only using the command line with a temporary XML file
  • Changed MSR driver path from using a static library path to a dynamically generated path
  • Modified embedded file encryption and decryption to reduce heuristic detections
  • Changed the code compiler build to different one to greatly reduce the compiler-caused antivirus detections
  • Improved the external compiler execution commands by better forcing absolute paths in commands
  • Added a mutex into the miner installer/injector to make it checkable by the watchdog
  • Reduced the watchdog checking interval for better persistance
  • Removed unused helper functions
  • Rewrote uninstallers miner killer function to work with Process IDs above the ushort limit
  • Changed unicode string initialization from a macro to a function to reduce the final code size
  • Changed string formatting from using the built-in Windows API to instead use a much smaller custom function
  • Moved web panel reporting to happen before CPU idle usage change in order to help make the hashrate look less confusing
  • Improved RandomX database regeneration speed when leaving "Stealth" on pools with infrequent new jobs
  • Fixed weird default "Stealth on Fullscreen" configuration value when "Run as System" was disabled
  • Fixed possible null terminator string length counting problem inside the GPU checking function
  • Reduced unnecessary recursive directory creation function stack size
  • Changed miners execution state to no longer always semi-block sleep mode on some computers
  • Restructured the algorithm selection list to be easier to use
  • Added semi-CLI functionality for building miners through the command line
  • Updated the rootkit to a new version

You can view the full Changelog here


  • Unam Sanctam



I, the creator, am not responsible for any actions, and or damages, caused by this software.

You bear the full responsibility of your actions and acknowledge that this software was created for educational purposes only.

This software's main purpose is NOT to be used maliciously, or on any system that you do not own, or have the right to use.

By using this software, you automatically agree to the above.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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