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IDA SigMaker Plugin updated for the IDA Pro 7.0 SDK by dude719.

PLEASE NOTE: IDA Freeware 7.0 is NOT supported.

Originally made by P4TR!CK

Credits also go to bobbysing and xero|hawk

Thanks to gir489 for the contributions

RIP GameDeception


Visual Studio will expect the environment variable IDADIR to resolve to your IDA 7.0 installation directory.

Visual Studio will also expect the SDK to be located at %IDADIR%\idasdk. Make sure these folders resolve in Windows properly before attempting to build the project.

Running the build

Because IDA no longer has a native 32-bit compiled version anymore, the Release/Debug scenarios are the build scripts for the 32-bit version of IDA and Release64/Debug64 are the build scripts for the 64-bit version.

Do not change the target platform from x64!

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