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Autumn is a collection of web sub-system, aimes to provide universal web system solution. It is scalable and stable, you can develop your own web system basing on it. Also, you can join us to maintain it together, if only you are interested in it.

Autumn-CMS Live Demo

Autumn-Blog Live Demo

Please submit issues to corresponding projects, that'll help us make issues tracking easier so that we can provide timely help to you.



Autumn-Framework requires java8 and maven3 as bulid enviroment.

The project requires at minimum 512MB memory to run. Please ensure you have corresponding tools installed in your environment before build and run the project.

Get Started

  • Clone from git clone
  • Enter the project root directory cd Autumn
  • Import autumn_framework.sql to your MySQL Database or MariaDB, and must modify the username and password in autumn-common/src/main/resources/properties-common/ basing on your own database settings, the password is encrypted , you can run com.autumnframework.common.architect.utils.PasswordEncrypt to generate publicKey and password, and then replace them in the file
  • Install dependencies: mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true
If you want to run autumu-cms sub-system
  • Enter autumn-cms, cd autumn-cms
  • Run server:mvn tomcat7:run. Server runs on port 8081 by default, visit http://localhost:8081/autumn-cms to check it out
If you want to run autumn-blog sub-system
  • Enter autumn-blog, cd autumn-blog
  • Run server:mvn tomcat7:run"prod". Server runs on port 8088 by default, visit http://localhost:8088/autumn-blog to check it out


If you are interested in this project, and you have any ideas or issues, you can commit a pull request or issue.


Licensed under GPL 2.0. See LICENSE for further details.

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