Codes for SHINE published in EMNLP 2021.

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This repository provides the source codes of "Hierarchical Heterogeneous Graph Representation Learning for Short Text Classification" published in EMNLP 2021 as a long paper.

Please cite our paper if you find it helpful. Thanks.

    title = "Hierarchical Heterogeneous Graph Representation Learning for Short Text Classification",
    author = "Wang, Yaqing  and
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    doi = "10.18653/v1/2021.emnlp-main.247",
    pages = "3091--3101",
    abstract = "Short text classification is a fundamental task in natural language processing. It is hard due to the lack of context information and labeled data in practice. In this paper, we propose a new method called SHINE, which is based on graph neural network (GNN), for short text classification. First, we model the short text dataset as a hierarchical heterogeneous graph consisting of word-level component graphs which introduce more semantic and syntactic information. Then, we dynamically learn a short document graph that facilitates effective label propagation among similar short texts. Thus, comparing with existing GNN-based methods, SHINE can better exploit interactions between nodes of the same types and capture similarities between short texts. Extensive experiments on various benchmark short text datasets show that SHINE consistently outperforms state-of-the-art methods, especially with fewer labels.",


We provide both the PyTorch and PaddlePaddle implementations of SHINE in this repository:

Torch Version:

  • Python 3.7
  • Pytorch 1.2

Paddle Version:

  • Python 3.7
  • Paddlepaddle 2.2

Quick Start

If you want to run the Torch version:

cd SHINE-Torch

Or if you want to run the PaddlePaddle version:

cd SHINE-Paddle

Then, You can quickly check out how SHINE operates on the Twitter dataset by:


You can choose a specific dataset by:

Python --dataset snippets

Likewise, you can choose the specific GPU by:

Python --dataset snippets --gpu 2

Use Your Own Datasets

If you want to try SHINE on your own datasets, you need to make your data in the same form of "snippets_split.json".

For the pretrained NELL entity embedding and Glove6B word embedding used in SHINE, you can download them from here. Afterwards, you can preprocess the data by:

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