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  • Connect to Shadowsocks servers.
  • Automatically set system proxy.
  • SIP002 URL scheme.
  • SIP003 plugins.
  • SIP008 online configuration delivery.


Download from releases.


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  • The PAC rules are generated from the geosite database in v2fly/domain-list-community.
  • Generation modes: whitelist mode and blacklist mode.
  • Domain groups: geositeDirectGroups and geositeProxiedGroups.
    • geositeDirectGroups is initialized with cn and geolocation-!cn@cn.
    • geositeProxiedGroups is initialized with geolocation-!cn.
  • To switch between different modes, modify the geositePreferDirect property in gui-config.json
    • When geositePreferDirect is false (default), PAC works in whitelist mode. Exception rules are generated from geositeDirectGroups. Unmatched domains goes through the proxy.
    • When geositePreferDirect is true, PAC works in blacklist mode. Blocking rules are generated from geositeProxiedGroups. Exception rules are generated from geositeDirectGroups. Unmatched domains are connected to directly.
  • Starting from, shadowsocks-windows defaults to whitelist mode with Chinese domains excluded from connecting via the proxy.
  • The new default values make sure that:
    • When in whitelist mode, Chinese domains, including non-Chinese companies' Chinese CDNs, are connected to directly.
    • When in blacklist mode, only non-Chinese domains goes through the proxy. Chinese domains, as well as non-Chinese companies' Chinese CDNs, are connected to directly.

User-defined rules

  • To define your own PAC rules, it's recommended to use the user-rule.txt file.
  • You can also modify pac.txt directly. But your modifications won't persist after updating geosite from the upstream.


  • IDE: Visual Studio 2019
  • Language: C# 9.0
  • SDK: .NET 5


  1. Clone the repository recursively.
$ git clone --recursive
  1. Open the repository in VS2019, switch to the Release configuration, and build the solution.


PR welcome

You can use the Source Browser to review code online.


Shadowsocks-windows is licensed under the GPLv3 license.

BouncyCastle.NetCore (MIT)
Caseless.Fody (MIT)    
Costura.Fody (MIT)     
Fody (MIT)             
GlobalHotKey (GPLv3)   
MdXaml (MIT)           
Newtonsoft.Json (MIT)  
Privoxy (GPLv2)        
ReactiveUI.WPF (MIT)   
ReactiveUI.Events.WPF (MIT)
ReactiveUI.Fody (MIT)  
ReactiveUI.Validation (MIT)
WPFLocalizationExtension (MS-PL)
ZXing.Net (Apache 2.0) 
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