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Setup Swift

GitHub Action Supports macOS, Ubuntu & Windows Swift 5.9 Latest release

GitHub Action that will setup a Swift environment with a specific version. Works on both Ubuntu and macOS runners.


To run the action with the latest swift version available, simply add the action as a step in your workflow:

- uses: swift-actions/setup-swift@v1

After the environment is configured you can run swift commands using the standard run step:

- uses: swift-actions/setup-swift@v1
- name: Get swift version
  run: swift --version # Swift 5.9

A specific Swift version can be set using the swift-version input:

- uses: swift-actions/setup-swift@v1
    swift-version: "5.1.0"
- name: Get swift version
  run: swift --version # Swift 5.1.0

Works perfect together with matrixes:

name: Swift ${{ matrix.swift }} on ${{ matrix.os }}
runs-on: ${{ matrix.os }}
    os: [ubuntu-latest, macos-latest]
    swift: ["5.4.3", "5.2.4"]
- uses: swift-actions/setup-swift@v1
    swift-version: ${{ matrix.swift }}
- name: Get swift version
  run: swift --version

Note about versions

This project uses strict semantic versioning to determine what version of Swift to configure. This differs slightly from the official convention used by Swift.

For example, Swift is available as version 5.1 but using this as value for swift-version will be interpreted as a version range of 5.1.X where X is the latest patch version available for that major and minor version.

In other words specifying...

  • "5.1.0" will resolve to version 5.1
  • "5.1" will resolve to latest patch version (aka 5.1.1)
  • "5" will resolve to latest minor and patch version (aka 5.9)


YAML interprets eg. 5.0 as a float, this action will then interpret that as 5 which will result in eg. Swift 5.5 being resolved. Quote your inputs! Thus:

- uses: swift-actions/setup-swift@v1
    swift-version: '5.0'


- uses: swift-actions/setup-swift@v1
    swift-version: 5.0

Keeping the action up-to-date

You have two options for keeping this action up-to-date: either you define a specific version (like v1.17.0) or use the major version tag (like v1).

Specific version

We recommend using the specific version tag together with Dependabot to keep the action up-to-date. That way you will automatically get notifed when the action updates and you can read the changelog directly in the PR opened by dependabot.

Major version tag

If you don't plan on keeping tabs on updates or don't want to use Dependabot but still would like to always use the latest version, you can use the main version tag.

Uses MIT license. The Swift logo is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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