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JS Expert 5.0 Week classes - Google Drive Clone

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Google Drive Clone - JS Expert Week 5.0

Welcome to the fifth Javascript Expert Week. This is the starting code to start our journey.

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Checklist Features

  • Web API

    • [] It should list downloaded files
    • [] It must stream files and save them in disk
    • [] It should notify about progress of storing files to disk
    • [] It must allow uploading of files in image, video or audio format
    • [] It must reach 100% code coverage in tests
  • Web App

    • [] Should list downloaded files
    • [] Should allow uploading of files of any size
    • [] Must have upload function via button
    • [] Should display upload progress
    • [] Must have drag and drop upload function

Challenges for you to extend this project

  1. Backend: Save the file to AWS or any storage service
    • Our project today stores files on disk. the challenge is you via Stream, uploading to some cloud service
    • As a plus, keep 100% code coverage, that is, create tests for your new feature
  2. Frontend: Add frontend tests and achieve 100% code coverage
    • You learned how to test in the backend. Use the same process to create frontend unit tests with Jest
    • If you have any doubts, go to example and leave a star!
  3. Infrastructure: Publish application with your custom SSL in virtual machine
    • You learned how to generate local SSL, the challenge is for you to create a certificate (it can be with Let's Encrypt) and add it to your application

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  • NODE_OPTIONS is not a system recognized command, what to do?

    • If you are on Windows, the way to create environment variables is different. You must use the word set before the command.
    • Ex: "test": "set NODE_OPTIONS=--experimental-vm-modules && npx jest --runInBand",
  • SSL certificate is invalid, what to do?

    • This error happens because I generated a certificate linked to the user of my machine.
    • You can click on proceed in the browser and use the invalid certificate and the project will continue working, but if you want to generate your own, I wrote the step by step in ./certificates
  • I ran npm test but nothing happens, what to do?

    • Check your Node.js version. We are using version 16.8. Go to node.js website and download the latest version.
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