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Through SDK for data exchange with blockchain, developers can get easy access to DAPP development. It mainly includes data encryption and decryption, signature, smart contract, event notification, data storage API, data acquisition and search, digital currency payment, third party APP payment API and so on.The process is as following:
Data provider inputs data and metadata through SDK (data includes static data and dynamic data which have the agreed format; metadata mainly includes data signature, data description and etc). Data demander can find the required data through SDK and obtain the data after paying digital currency. The data verifier can be qualified by pledging a certain amount of digital currency to the smart contract. In the process of data exchange, the data demander can initiate the compensable data verification request or transaction arbitration to the smart contract, and the verifier will be randomly selected by the smart contract. All participants in the data exchange can score each other in the transaction;The smart contract would record the transaction and scores of the participants thus generate the reputation evaluation of the participants which can be inquired through SDK



Compile environment

The following environment should be installed yourself. Excepted environment(like webpack, truffle) and optional environment(like python) is not listed here
The following is suggested version that has been tested

  • go (1.12.5)
  • node.js (10.15.3)
  • gcc (mingw-w64 v8.1.0)

Package UI source files:

We assume that you have finished node.js download and installation

Run webpackUI.ps1 script in dp/app/app/ui/tool content to finish this process You can control whether to display webpack result analysis through bundleAnalyzerReport in ui/config/index.js

Build app executable file:

Run: go build in dp/app/app/main content,entrance file: main.exe will be generated if succeeded.



  • ipfs client (0.4.14 / 0.4.20)
  • geth client (1.8.27)
  • Browser (chrome 79)

Start user service:

Run user service executable file in dp/services/auth_s content,default port is 48080

ipfs connection:

We assume that you have finished ipfs download and installation

  • Adjust config file: find config file in your ipfs download path, add following 3 "Access..." for config item "API":
"API": {
  "HTTPHeaders": {
    "Server": [
    "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": [
    "Access-Control-Allow-Credentials": [
    "Access-Control-Allow-Methods": [
  • Run ipfs daemon in command line,"Daemon is ready" will be displayed if succeeded,Keep command line open

Since app use js to upload ipfs ,so "permit ipfs Cross-domain execute post request" config is added above

Build one private chain:

We assume that you have finished geth download and installation

Run geth_init.ps1 script in dp/backend/contracts/geth_init content to finish private chain building
Run geth_acc_mine.ps1 script in the same content to create user and start mining

Deploy smart contract:

Run contract.ps1 script in dp/backend/contracts/tool content to finish this process Script will input part of result to migrate.log in dp/backend/contracts content, ScryTokenScryProtocol two 42-character address with "0x" in the beginning can be found in the file end

Adjust app config file:

key value
app.chain.contracts.tokenAddr Adjust to ScryToken address found in logfile
app.chain.contracts.protocolAddr Adjust to ScryProtocol address found in logfile
app.chain.contracts.deployerKeyjson Adjust to unique file contents under dp/dots/binary/contracks/geth_init/chain/keystore content,pay attention to double quotes
app.config.uiResourcesDir Adjust the content of dp
app.config.ipfsOutDir Adjust to your selected ipfs download path


After finishing all process above, you can experience it through dp/app/app/main/main.exe entrance file

Exception handling:

  • windows banned ps1 script operation:Use administrator privileges to open command line, run Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
  • npm install error,python exec is not found:install python2 or ignore this problem
  • User service start failure, vcruntime140.dll is not found:install vcre.
  • Smart contract deployment failure, failed to get connected to ether client: Check whether customized port is used to build private chain, adjust truffle.js config file network.geth.port in contracts content to get consistent with it
  • Smart contract deployment is not displayed: Check powershell opened by geth_init.ps1 is still mining or not(information will be refreshed constantly).

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ScryInfo Protocol Layer SDK API Document v0.0.5

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