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ScriptInclude allows you to asynchronously load script tags into the browser. I made it because I wanted a #include statement like other languages have, so I did my best to recreate that.

ScriptInclude aims to be tiny and easy to understand. There is no dependency management or anything.

It's meant to be minified and inlined, like so:

<!-- ... -->
  <!-- ... -->


  // ScriptInclude, minified and inlined
  include=function(){ /* ... */ }

  // my stuff
  include('jquery.js', function() {


  <!-- ... -->

Some example usage

Include a single file

include('library.js', function() {
  // library.js has been loaded, now we can use it

Callbacks are optional.

Include multiple files

include('underscore.js', 'backbone.js', function() {
  // Underscore and Backbone are loaded in, let's go for it

You can include as many files as you want.

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