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This is a transpiler from the Schwalbe programming language to Swift. Schwalbe carries exactly the same syntax as Swift, only completely in German. So basically the tool found here is nothing more than a translator based on a very "serious" discussion originating in the SwiftDE Slack. Please don't actually use it ☝️! See below for some syntax examples.

Since Schwalbe and Swift are perfectly equivalent regarding their syntax the current implementation of this tool is not very clever. It's actually rather stupid, does no syntax checking whatsoever, will ignore misspelled keywords and replace any possible schwalbe keywords with their swift equivalent (even inside strings and comments 👷), so be sure not to use them, there will be no warning. But it's not like you're actually wanting to use this for something, right? 🤔

Why "Schwalbe"? Because I'm an idiot and thought a swift and a swallow are the same birds. (The proper German translation of Swift would have been Mauersegler.) And the german word for swallow is Schwalbe. Quoting Wikipedia on my mistake:

They are superficially similar to swallows, but are not closely related to any of the passerine species.


If a single file is given, schwalbe will output it's translated content directly, enabling you to pipe it into a swift source file.

$ schwalbe beispiel.schwalbe > example.swift

For an input of multiple files schwalbe will create an output directory called schwalbe_output and copy all input files into this directory processing any file with a .schwalbe extension in the process. This enables you to translate an entire directory at once, since the directory structure is also kept as is.

$ schwalbe **/*

# ⚙️ Processing example.schwalbe...
# Writing schwalbe_output/example.swift
# All done ✅


$ brew tap kiliankoe/formulae
$ brew install schwalbe

If you're an Atom user, here's a package for you to enable syntax highlighting for Schwalbe code ✨

$ apm install language-schwalbe

Syntax Examples

Here's some quick examples to get you up to speed with Schwalbe in your own projects.

For a complete list of all supported keywords, check

For a slightly more extended example, have a look here.

drucke("Hallo, Welt!")
struktur Person {
    sei name: Zeichenkette
    sei alter: Ganzzahl

    funktion gibAus() {
        drucke("Name: \(, Alter: \(selbst.alter)")

sei max = Person(name: "Max Mustermann", alter: 21)
var preise = Zuordnung<Zeichenkette, Fließkommazahl>()
preise["Milch"] = 0.99
preise["Butter"] = 1.49

(GitHub seriously needs syntax highlighting for Schwalbe code... See #11)

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