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Toolkit for working in microservices/micro-frontends architecture.


1 year ago

:rocket: Enhancements

  • Amount of endpoints that can be registered on node-cluster was increased (#272)
  • Allow seeds inside IFrame, before it was possible only on the main thread. This change was done mainly for sandboxes (like this example and embed widget (#256)
  • New package for RSocket Gateway Client (split server/client)(#284)

:bug: Bug Fix

  • Added missing dependency rxjs for @scalecube/api (#257)
  • Unsubscribe (from serviceCall or Gateway) not canceling serviceCall and from the service (#265)
  • GetAddress util when path is empty, port swap with path (#275)

:zap: Performance

  • Decreased bundle size for browsers
Version Type Bundle Size Minified Size Gzipped Size
0.2.9 CommonJS 307.72 KB 125.77 KB 29.4 KB
0.2.9 IFFE 123.94 KB 123.25 KB 29.14 KB
0.2.10 CommonJS 177.02 KB 85.33 KB 20.32 KB
0.2.10 IFFE 197.25 KB 79.14 KB 20.57 KB

:memo: Documentation

  • What is SC + CodeSandbox
  • Update readme (#258)
  • Fix examples in readme (#266)
  • Change links to documentation in readmes (#274)

:house: Internal

  • Use exact same version of @scalecube/* #294
  • node-cluster metadata was limited to 512 bytes, increased to 4096 (#272)
  • Publish endpoints with data format optimized for size (#272)
  • Addressable post messages. (#259)
  • Refactor cluster to use addressable (#261)
  • transport browser rewrite (#263)
  • Dependencies security updates (#258)(#268)(#267)(#271)(#274)(#276)(#277)(#278)(#279)(#280)(#281)(#282)(#283)(#285)(#287)(#288)(#289)


1 year ago


2 years ago

:bug: Bug Fix

  • Release pipeline - verify script wasn't running after releasing (typo in workflow file)


2 years ago

Scalecube v0.2.x is a stable LTS release, the API will be supported until 1.1.2021. We want to collect feedback from the community before releasing 1.0.0 but we don't foresee any majors API change. Version 1.0 will mostly change on NodeJS required from production environments and feedback.

If you have any feedback please open issue

  • Browsers, 0.2.x is stable and tested on real projects production environment (see supported browsers)
  • NodeJS, 0.2.x is full feature microservices infrastructure for NodeJS (see Kubernetes example) but it's new without lot of mileage.

You can find out more on:

:rocket: Enhancement

  • [#251] rsocket-ws-gateway Optional keepAlive and lifetime in createGatewayProxy (RSocket gateway client)

:bug: Bug Fix

  • Release pipeline for "latest" wasn't building artifacts before publishing
  • Release pipeline for "snapshot" and "develop" versions was wrong


5 years ago

Implemented only the Microservices basic pattern only local services without remote services (no gossip or SWIM) Support CommonJS, ES6 modules, flow and Typescript