Spreading Thankfulness in Open Source.

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☼ The 'Say Thanks' Project


Spreading Thankfulness in Open Source™ will provide a button/link for use by open source projects, to encourage users to send a simple thank you note to the creator (or creators) of that project.

This simple button/link can be added to READMEs and project documentation.

The author can then enjoy a nice inbox (ideally) filled with very small, thoughtful messages from the happy users of the software they enjoy to toil over.

Implementation Concepts

☤ The Basics

  • Email when a new message of thankfulness is submitted (csrf enabled).
  • Inbox page for each user/project with simple aggregation of messages (private).

☤ The Architecture

  • Flask for API and Frontend, single application
  • Auth0 for credential storage (done, Auth2 in progress)
  • Heroku for Hosting (done!)
  • CloudFlare for SSL termination (done!)
  • GitHub account creation, as well as password-less email accounts

Intended Collaborators

  • Erin "The X" O'Connell (Python)
  • Tom "The Pythonist" Baker (Javascript)
  • Tom "Sea of Clouds" Matthews (Logo and Graphic Design)
  • Kenneth "Your Name Here Instead, Idan?" Reitz (Frontend Design)

Initial Setup for Development

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