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A frequently updated list of all available proxies from over 50 sources

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🎉 Free Proxy List

🚀 Contains Proxies of over 50 Providers and is updated regularely

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📋 Description

There are more than enough free proxy lists on the Internet. However, free proxies bring many disadvantages such as poor anonymity, advertising in the HTML code when used and poor uptime. In this repository proxies from over 50 sources are regularly checked and ranked by type and speed. In addition, the scanner checks whether the HTML source code of websites got modified to protect users from advertisements, malware and bloatware. The project is published publicly under the MIT license. The Crawler/Checker can be found under the Links section.

Update Frequency: Every 30 minutes

🔎 All

Type Number Link File
All available proxies 66976 GitHub RAW
Unique Proxies 49495 GitHub RAW
New* 37642 GitHub RAW
Premium** 11277 GitHub RAW
Working (CSV) 12459 GitHub RAW
Working (TXT) 12459 GitHub RAW
SOCKS4 192 GitHub RAW
SOCKS5 69 GitHub RAW

*proxy was not in previous workflow
**continuously online for at least 2 workflows (1 hour)

⚠️ Excluded ⚠️

Type Number Link File
Filtered* 287 GitHub RAW
Misconfigured** 339 GitHub RAW

*The proxy returned modified HTML. This can be ads, maleware etc.
**Proxy returned a wrong HTTP Status Code

🚄 Speed

Speed Number Link File
Ultra Fast (<0.5s Ping) 11318 GitHub RAW
Fast (<1s Ping) 309 GitHub RAW
Medium (<3s Ping) 402 GitHub RAW
Slow (<7s Ping) 240 GitHub RAW
Ultra Slow (7s+ Ping) 190 GitHub RAW

🏠 Providers

Website Number of Proxies fetched 320 932 507 94 0 1200 1300
github-RX4096 267
github-ShiftyTR 485
github-TheSpeedX 4702
github-Volodichev 42106
github-almroot 7
github-clarketm 400
github-hendrikbgr 114
github-hookzof 68
github-jetkai 0
github-manuGMG 88
github-mertguvencli 166
github-mmpx12 2969
github-monosans 501
github-roosterkid 654
github-ryanhaticus 0
github-sunny9577 818 1600 298 60 2776 535 44 1153 2096 140 60 20 35 20 400

The project gets updated using this repository and checks proxies with this.

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