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BUILD is an open-source, cloud-based and social platform that enables users, even those with no UI development knowledge, to easily create fully interactive prototypes with realistic data, share them with colleagues and consolidate this feedback without writing a line of code.

Project README

Important Notice

We have decided to stop the maintenance of the open source version of Build. Build is still available and sold as a cloud product from SAP, with regular updates and new features. It’s available at Its open source version and all the files in this public GitHub repository will no longer be maintained.

Beta - work in Progress

Overview of BUILD

BUILD is an open-source, cloud-based, and social platform that enables users with no UI development knowledge to create fully interactive prototypes. Without writing a line of code, you can perform user research, design the UI, include realistic data, and share the prototypes with colleagues. Developers can use the code of the prototype as a jumpstart to quickly create the app.

To view the BUILD getting started click on the image...

For a more detailed description of BUILD, see the BUILD Overview.

BUILD Web Site

Check the the BUILD Web Site!

Getting Started

Try BUILD in Docker

  1. Install Docker Engine and Docker Compose

  2. Create file docker-compose.yml

      image: sapbuild/build:0.3.3
        - "9000:9000"
        - mongo
      image: mongo:2.6.11
        - ./db:/data/db
  3. Pull and start containers

    docker-compose up
  4. Go to docker host http://localhost:9000 or using docker_host IP address

    docker-machine ip default

Install locally

Quick guide - see HERE


Install Version
node.js Versions 10.33 and 10.38 are supported with npm 1.4.28
mongodb Only version 2.6.x is supported


  1. Install :

    sudo npm install -g [email protected]
  2. Start the BUILD application:

     sudo sapbuild


To run, enter http://localhost:9000 in your Chrome browser, and select Join.

User Documentation

Check out the BUILD Support Site for detailed help topics and video tutorials about using BUILD!

What's New in BUILD 0.3?

The BUILD OS community have been busy of the last couple of months and are excited to share our latest updates to BUILD. Our customers have been waiting for a long time, and here it is: the first version of the BUILD UI Composer!

Along with the UI composer comes:

  • Drag-and-drop of UI controls into the prototype canvas.
  • Data modeling, sample data management, and data binding.
  • Smart templates that make UI design quick and easy.
  • A ton of bug fixes and technical improvements.


Having a problem? Create a bug or ask a question using the BUILD Issue Tracker, send a mail to [email protected] or send a tweet to our twitter account buildwithbuild and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Make a Contribution

So you want to contribute to BUILD? Good choice! There is lots of scope for contribution, and there's plenty to do! Popular contributions include bug reports, feature requests, and new features. This document describes how to make contributions to BUILD.


This project is licensed under the Apache Software License, v. 2 except as noted otherwise in the License file.

Please do not remove this license from cloned or forked versions of BUILD.

Licenses for Contributors

Legal Notices

View the legal notice about fonts used in Build.

In Memoriam Notice

The BUILD community wishes to dedicate BUILD to the memory of our recently deceased colleague and friend Luan O’Carroll. Luan was a technology innovator and a great promoter of the open source philosophy. He was highly respected for his expertise, passion, curiosity, and his ability to push the boundaries. He is sadly missed.

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