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My personal emacs configuration based on use-package.

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Emacs repository

This is my emacs repo, based on use-package.

To install simply link ~/.emacs.d/init.el to ~/wherever/you/put/this/repository/init.el.

Then edit ~/.emacs.d/init.el and change the (load-file ) declarations to point to the correct org.el, functions.el and keybindings.el, or place this file into ~/dotfile/emacs/.

  • functions.el: my own functions, taken from here and there.
  • init.el: the init file. use-package declaration and all.
  • keybindings.el: I let you guess this one.
  • org.el: org-mode setup.
  • ess-config.el: configuration related to R and Julia code.
  • python-config.el: setup anaconda-mode and all.
  • latex-config.el
  • org-mode tree structure of pages I like to check.
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