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Inspect all fields, properties and methods in Unity editor


1 year ago
  • Move lock button to above tab (like built in Unity windows, e.g. Inspector)
  • Enums can now be edited by either mapped display names or backing integer value #50
  • Fixed issues with backing fields and methods being displayed in certain cases when Hide Auto Generated is on
  • Fixed some exceptions when inspecting certain structures
  • Very basic dictionary support, can inspect simple dictionaries and change their values. No add/remove or key change support yet.
  • Optionally support range attributes #36


1 year ago
  • Generic parameter support for methods, also updated the TypeSelect so it now supports constraints
  • Types can now be selected on fields, properties and method parameters
  • Moved variable drawing to an async model as type selects are an async process, if this poses significant issues I'll probably have to move it back and rethink type selection
  • Improved method identification so overloads don't all expand when you expand one
  • Improved helper for detecting if an object is null
  • Added an option to set a Unity object's name from the type
  • Can now instantiate a game object with a selected MonoBehaviour script
  • Fix an issue where selection was lost when changing playmode
  • Out parameters are now returned on method calls
  • Can now remove component by right clicking (includes ECS)
  • Force icons to be square, fixes #49
  • Added support for some Unity.Mathematics types (needs way more)
  • Added an ECS System selection helper


1 year ago
  • Improved flexible width display
  • Fix a min width issue due to a large icon being taken into account
  • Switch to a vertical layout for selection helpers if there's not enough horizontal room
  • Add Documentation and Changelog links


1 year ago
  • Add further exclusions to protect against material/materials property calls on Renderers
  • Prevent showing more options for null objects
  • Draw static headers with a tint too
  • Display static fields and properties with a tint
  • More defensive display of errors
  • Fixed some issues with tooltip declaration previews of fields/properties


1 year ago
  • Add ability to select or edit the script relating to a type (if there's a script in Unity with that is its primary class)
  • Update lock icons to use more generalised Unity lock buttons that also work on different skins
  • Read only collections/complex types can now be expanded
  • Replace toolbarDropDownToggleRight with our own version of it as it doesn't exist in Unity 2021+
  • Can now right click the back/forward buttons to bring up the stack
  • Fixed numerous issues around selection


1 year ago
  • Display selection history and allow you to jump to specify points
  • Reordered stacks internally so that element 0 is most recent and element n-1 is oldest
  • Fix a bug with unlocking with the same object selected causing an extra selection history entry than is required


1 year ago
  • Reworked package author detection to use PackageInfo author and remove dependency on a source file
  • Display better object description after returning it from invoking a method
  • Fixed issues around objects having indexers
  • Fixed some issues with Matrix4x4 properties causing errors
  • Added icon to types in Type From Assembly
  • Improve handling of variable meta information
  • Collapse arrays by default
  • Right click context menu on components/type headers
  • Fix resizing lists/arrays
  • Fix an error with assembly grouping
  • Support displaying complex types
  • Fix errors when inspecting a non-static type
  • Added support for property tooltips


1 year ago
  • Dedicated Sidekick icon for light skin
  • Fixed GameObject Active/Behaviour enable toggles
  • Better assembly organisation in Type From Assembly (#51) - thanks @vertxxyz


1 year ago
  • New interface to select types from assemblies, all assemblies are now included
  • Allow you to select many types of loaded Unity Objects that can't be found in Hierarchy or Project windows
  • Numerous UX improvements
  • Type headers now use Unity's foldout
  • Display information about a field when hovering over the label
  • Firing methods now tracks the returned object so you can inspect it
  • Search now supports space separators
  • Search now highlights labels like the search in Preferences/Project Settings
  • Fixed numerous issues around selection and back stacks
  • New Sidekick icon
  • Settings now live in the Preferences window
  • Old network code has been removed and moved to Remote Actions

Known issues:

  • Sidekick icon is hard to see on Light skin
  • GameObject Active/Behaviour enable toggles no longer work


1 year ago

Stripped back the networking code in favour of a more focused editor tool. Networked support for inspection has now been removed, see pre-remote-removal for the last commit with this support. Some network code remains as a good starting point for networked test features, there is currently no UI for this, but a simple example will be added.