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Exports Prometheus metrics about S3 buckets and objects


1 year ago


2ecab00 Release 0.5.0 f0f1d7e Remove bucket_patterns param d42b01a Add service discovery (#27)


2 years ago


731efdc Release 0.4.1 211b669 Return bad request if the bucket argument is empty (#26) 8b5e4b9 Update README.md 68f34b0 Add logging flags to kingpin app (#25) bdf0932 Amend pagination to avoid nil pointer dereference (#19) 44d5e40 Add a metric that measures s3 list duration (#20)


2 years ago


4ecf1c1 Release 0.4.0 6309abc Ignore bin dir in .gitignore a2cf246 Remove _total from s3_objects_total metric name 7a53611 Improve release process 57dba2c Improve Dockerfile 3df8d10 Update deps & go 1.15 29995ae Merge pull request #13 from panos--/master 34bc9eb Update AWS SDK for IRSA support on EKS a0982da Merge pull request #6 from kiuby/master fdf2ad7 Merge pull request #5 from maxpospelov/master 6232f0e add last modified object size metric 20147fd Add Disable SSL and Force Path Style options.


3 years ago
  • Add option to set an endpoint URL
  • Allow flags to be set as environment variables


4 years ago

This release contains updated dependencies to provide additional functionality included in later versions of the AWS SDK.


5 years ago

First release.