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A simple rule-engine for javascript


4 years ago

Updated dependencies. No further changes.


4 years ago

Chaining rules with AND/OR


5 years ago
  • Make closures work both sync or async. Closure invokers (Rule, RuleFlow, ClosureReducer) won't create a Promise and execute on the then if the called closure returned a sync result. Engine will always return promises, so high level API hasn't change.
  • Totally remove co dependency
  • Fix unit tests! There were a lot of false positives on tests due the removal of co-mocha from dependencies.


5 years ago

Reimplemented through native Promises


5 years ago

It was replaced by plain old co library.


5 years ago

This internal issue might cause huge delays on fact processing. By changing the clone algorithm from JSON.parse/stringify to Object.assign we achieved a 5x performance boost.


5 years ago


5 years ago

Added support for #6 and #7

Disabled required parameters validation at bind time (since it was broken)


5 years ago

Now closures implemented thorugh a class must define a do method instead of a process method (although, overwriting process is still an option`.

do method accepts non promise return values.


5 years ago

Major changes. Closure syntax consolidated. Reduced to minimum interfaces.